Thank you for your interest in purchasing tickets in advance. You just earned $2.00 off the price of each show ticket!

All tickets will be held at the door. Please bring a copy of your receipt; paper or electronic. Kids under 12 free!

Note: The below links will open in a new, secure, window for your privacy and data protection. The payment comes to me, Doug Bayliss, VP of Music & Performance and I 100% ensure that your payment is handed to our Treasurer and your tickets will be at the door when you arrive.

1 Show Ticket $15 or include 1 Afterglow Ticket ($14) 1 Show Ticket 1 Glow Ticket Total $29.

2 Show Tickets $30  or include 2 Afterglow Tickets ($28) 2 Show Tickets 2 Glow Tickets Total $58.

3 Show Tickets $45 or include 3 Afterglow Tickets ($42) 3 Show Tickets 3 Glow Tickets Total $87.

4 Show Tickets $60 or include 4 Afterglow Ticket ($56) 4 Show Tickets 4 Glow Tickets Total $110.

The afterglow takes place at Neiderer’s, following the show, just 3.5 miles from the Hanover High School. Includes sandwich buffet with sides, drinks and probably some more singing!

Questions? Please contact Doug Bayliss, Show Chairman.
Daytime: 717-357-3946
Evening: 717-500-1104
Email: dbayliss.pa@gmail.com

Thank you! We are looking forward to a super show, see you there!

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