Annual Shows

Each year the chorus presents a two-hour musical stage show.  Along with the Chorus, we always try to feature an ensemble of singers from the local area and a featured quartet, often flown in from out of town.Several chapter quartets get in on the act and entertain by singing one or more songs.   The featured guest quartet presents a “show-within-the-show” that lasts about 30 minutes.

Keep an eye out for show flyers in shops and store windows all around town around September of each year.

Photos from 2014 Show


Hanover Standardbred Chorus 2014



THROWBACK: The definition of ‘throwback’ basically means: a reminder of the past. Music certainly has the power to take us back to that special place, or remind us of that certain someone. This quartet brings together an infectious energy and a love of yesterday’s music, and we’re certain their fresh spin on familiar melodies will entertain audiences of all ages! Swing by their website to stay in touch with their latest news and performance dates. Members Paul Phillip Betancourt Sean Devine Alex Rubin Michael Skutt

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