Sheet Music and Learning Tracks

Show songs. Click on the song to listen now, or  “Right-Click” on the song title and choose “save link as” to save it on your computer or smartphone for later.

8/30/17 Update: Guys, we are singing well and sure have proved we can learn new music! Here is an updated “Song and Dance Man” with the new tag.  Also please review “Service 5 Medley,” especially the Airforce part where the Leads do not have the melody.

“Song and Dance Man”

Sheet Music: I’m Sitting On Top of the World

Sheet Music: DannyBoy

“Service 5 Medley” by Fred King
New music handed out with updated words on Monday, 6/26/17.  Here are the updated words: Service Five Medley (updated)

“The Star-Spangled Banner”
Not on the show but good to know. – note this a Bass melody.

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